Sally's "Fubbies"

This sleeping angel is Opus :)

Introducing baby Rocky!

Santa brought Sally's new little girl !

Rocky is a big girl now

Sally says, "This picture truly captures the essence of Rocky...
she's right in your face...she's the boldest little thing, a tease, and
so funny! She's extremely verbal and a great conversationalist!"

Opus has been moonlighting lately :-)

Opus goes to the office everyday

Here is Opus with the Corporate Seal

Twinkle stays home and cleans while Sally and Opus are at the office

"OK, OK...I'll use a SPONGE!"

Twilight emerging from her favorite spot (the couch)

Twilight guarding the family pet

Belle and Bitsy..Ferret Love

Opus works hard and plays hard. Here he is having a snack
with his friend Cosina after a big game

Belle watching Twilight check out the new accomodations at Chez Sally

"Maybe I'll take a nap", says Belle

Opus is getting impatient.."where's the courtesy bar?";-)

"Couldn't we get a bigger room?"

Turn out the light and go to sleep Opus. Its been a busy day.

Angelic boy... Opus is very special ! :-)

A Shocking True Rocky Adventure ;)

in her own words...

"Something very scary came to live at our house today. It looked very pointy,
and it smelled a whole bunch, and it kept looking at me funny."


" Then, when Mommy left the room I'm pretty sure
it made growly noises at me. So I killed it!"

Another CEO Ferret

Lyle the human in conference with Lyle the ferret

Lyle the ferret in conference with Lyle the human

Sadie (little Lyle's sister) wanting to make her mark in the corporate world,
waits patiently for her job interview with Sally

A real sweet cookie named Oreo

Oreo "road testing" Opus' hammock at the office

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