Over the Rainbow Bridge and Forever in Our Hearts

I miss you little one

Shadow our tiny 8 year old foster ferret ,
left us June 17, 1999. She had insulinoma and
adrenal problems. Shadow was a treasure!

Bodie (another foster ferret) was almost
6 years old and had gone through successful
surgery for insulinoma, crossed the rainbow
bridge October 27, 1999. He was the most
loving ferret I have ever met

Sheba was the newest and oldest member of our gang

Sheba came from North Carolina. She over 8 years old and adrenal. The photo
on the left was taken on Sept. 26th, on the right in late Oct. after a Lupron shot.
It's not a cure, but in her case it alleviated the symptoms. She also had insulinoma.
Sheba went to the bridge April 13, 2001. She was a sweet old girl :)

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