Kids and Furkids at June and Stan's

Oliver, Bubbles and Paris with Jojo doing his ferret imitation

"Where's the beer?! ask Paris and Bubbles

Oliver talking "Daddy" Stan out of raisins


Grandson Harley lets Storm make a phone call

Harley and Storm having more fun

(Be sure kids playing with small animals are always supervised for the benefit of both)

"My Chrismas stocking? I ate the whole thing !"

Boomer (the new puppy)

"Maybe I don't want to be a ferret after all"

"Missy, June and Stan's foster ferret, bravely stands her ground :-)"

June and the new baby, Witchiepoo.
Witchiepoo used to nip out of fear, but Stan and June eased her
fears and she is a kissy face baby now. Shows what love can do ! :-)

June and Stan have two new Fuzzies

Victor enjoying his bath

Little Zack guarding his territory :-)


Always in Our Hearts

Pudge Phipps went to wait at the Bridge for us March 26, 1999

Pudge with his new Christmas toy

Dear sweet Pudge, Mommy and Daddy miss you very much.
You were always such sweet little boy. You will be deep within
our hearts and our memories forever. We love you Pudgers.


In memory of my two boys who went to the Bridge February 23rd and 24th.
No doubt they are getting their ears cleaned by their friend Bubbles,
in between bouts of hissing at Paris because he won't leave her alone..

Mommy and Daddy love you Paris, Bubbles, and Oliver. We will
reunite someday to claim the huge chunk of our hearts you took.


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