Free-Standing Hammock Frame

Portable and great for out of the cage naps, free range ferrets and ferret rooms.

Made of sturdy PVC piping, and the hammock snaps in and out for easy cleaning

Uses standard size hammocks

Anastasia in her new hammock

From Anastasia's Mom (Megan)

"The hammock looks great - Anastasia is quite happy, and she is the one
I had in mind when I started this search, so that's perfect. and it is good and
sturdy! So, thanks, you did a great job, I will definitely give you good reviews
...and the girls thank you too, sleepily :)"


Thone's Prince Nicholas and Josephine are two satisfied clients in Norway ;)


Last year this bed was made for Bea one of Dayna's Kids who's back legs were paralyzed

in a fall from the second floor..she couldn't climb up to a regular hammock

Recently some of Dayna's other kids decided on a nap ...I feel free to say the frame is durable :)

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