Recently I saw a post on a BB by Maureen with a picture of JD's modification of a Midwest cage.

I like it better than mine. Picture and Maureen's directions below. .....Thank you JD and Maureen :)

"This is a picture of one of JD's mid west cages. I don't think he'll mind if I post it. I have three mid west cages now and I have done them all basically the way this one is done. The levels are done with plywood cut to the inside measurements of the cage with an L shape opening for ramps.. They are covered in vinyl flooring.. I LOVE these cages when there are the added levels. I've used the plastic mid west shelves to make a small extra level at the top of one cage. I put them together and it makes a fourth 1/2 level and an easy entrance/exit to the hammocks on the top level. To hang hammocks on the other two levels eye screws in the plywood are perfect to hook the hammocks to. There are two ways to attach the plywood. One is to use long round dowels that extend a bit longer than the length of the cage and the plywood sits nicely on them. The other way is to use "L" brackets on the plywood and they lay on the wire of the cage. Either works well depending on where the cage doors are. You can see the dowels on the first level from the bottom and the L brackets on the top level in the picture. "

JD has a shelter called Widget's Halfway House Check it out :)

The next terrific cages belong to Serandi with her comments :)

I have have midwest cages.... They are great. I would reccomend tho, you put ALOT of hammocks and possibly,
extra shelves in the cage, as the way it is designed a ferret can easilyfall 48 inches to the bottom and get hurt or
killed. Just wanted to mention that. Here are some things I"v done with my midwest if you want ideas.... :

And with ferret math happening, I bought another one, and combined them to make this:

That double is awesome! Thank you Serandi for sharing your pictures :-)


Be sure to check out Melissa's The Ferrets site for great info on modifying Midwest Cages :-)

The one below is mine

Plywood cut to fit through door and hung on cage with hooks. On the level with the blue sleep sack there is a narrow strip of plywood. It is at platform level in front and tilted up to next wire in the back to create an up ramp. (I just slid the lower leg from a pair of jeans over it for traction. The long ramp fits in holes in the top plastic shelf and rests on the wood platform it is secured by the side of the cage. The lowest wood platform has two holes for the top prongs of the second ramp provided with the cage. There is a piece of fleece under the prongs at the bottom. The tent at the top is held in place with velcro on the self and tent. A heavy pin attaches it to the side of the cage... just in case :-)

This is a view from the side

Shelf Measurements

3 shelves 22" X 12"
1 ramp 23" X 6"
the ramp goes from a hangs slanting down one level (see the picture)
I am thinking of removing the bottom midwest plastic shelf and
putting in a 15" X 12" shelf instead...more floor space

They do seem a lot safer now! If you have any questions, please email.

Here is another version from Mike Mueller

Mike and his ferrets

Click HERE for great ferret pictures

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